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  • Two African Pipes

    Lot: 1
    Sold for: $400$325

    Two African Pipes, the first a Chokwe pipe with stylized human head, the second with clay bowl and brass bindings, both with patina of long use, lg. to 9 1/2 in. more ...

  • Zulu Carved Wood Feasting Ladle

    Lot: 2

    Zulu Carved Wood Feasting Ladle, with elaborate handle, separate ring at the top, and pyro-engraved detail, lg. 28 1/2 in. more ...

  • Senufo Carved Wood Ladle

    Lot: 3

    Senufo Carved Wood Ladle, with twisted handle and stylized bird finial, with custom stand, ht. 27 in. Provenance: Norman Hurst. more ...

  • Two Dan Carved Wood Masks

    Lot: 4
    Sold for: $461$375

    Two Dan Carved Wood Masks, Liberia, Poro Society, both with blackened patina, mounted on cloth-covered panels, ht. 8 1/2 in. Provenance: Ladislas Segy Gallery; Skinner, Lot 57, November 12, more ...

  • Kuba Carved Wood Mask

    Lot: 5
    Sold for: $338$275

    Kuba Carved Wood Mask, the rectangular form with perforations under the open slit eyes, with a glass bead and raffia strip applied to the ridge of the nose, tufted feather coiffure and raffia hood, more ...

  • Three Ashanti Female Fertility Dolls

    Lot: 6
    Sold for: $1,599$1,300

    Three Ashanti Female Fertility Dolls, Ghana, all with stylized forms and disk-shaped heads, one decorated on the back of the head with relief-carved pictographs of a tree, leaf, and comb device, ht. more ...

  • Baule Carved and Painted Wood Mask

    Lot: 7
    Sold for: $246$200

    Baule Carved and Painted Wood Mask, Goli, the circular stylized animal head with pierced eyes and rectangular mouth, patina of use, ht. 14 3/4 in. more ...

  • Baule Carved Wood Female Figure

    Lot: 8
    Sold for: $400$325

    Baule Carved Wood Female Figure, with dark red-brown patina, ht. 13 in. Provenance: Collected by Major H. Frank during World War II. At the end of the war he was commanding officer at Sandau more ...

  • Two Shona Carved Wood Items

    Lot: 9
    Sold for: $2,091$1,700

    Two Shona Carved Wood Items, a headrest with stylized geometric designs, and a knife with chip-carved wood handle and sheath, both with dark patina, headrest ht. 6, lg. 6 1/2, knife lg. 9 in. more ...

  • Dogon Carved Wood Lock

    Lot: 10
    Sold for: $677$550

    Dogon Carved Wood Lock, with incised geometric designs and two seated human figures at the top, (minor wood loss), includes stand, ht. 10 3/4 in. more ...

  • Yoruba Eshu Figure

    Lot: 11
    Sold for: $800$650

    Yoruba Eshu Figure, Nigeria, the tapering block-like form with protruding breasts and incised geometric designs, the leather collar with multiple strands of cowrie shells and a cloth bag, dark more ...

  • Baule Carved Wood Heddle Pulley

    Lot: 12
    Sold for: $2,214$1,800

    Baule Carved Wood Heddle Pulley, depicting a seated female figure with stylized coiffure and scarification designs, with custom stand, ht. 9 in. Provenance: Norman Hurst. more ...

  • African Carved Wood Staff

    Lot: 13
    Sold for: $9,225$7,500

    African Carved Wood Staff, Angola, possibly Ovimbundu, the finial depicting a woman's head with elaborate coiffure and scarification marks, detailed with brass tacks, (old repairs), lg. 22 1/2 more ...

  • Bamana Antelope Dance Staff

    Lot: 14
    Sold for: $492$400

    Bamana Antelope Dance Staff, with elaborate notched and cutout decoration, blackened surface, ht. 31 1/2 in. more ...

  • Kurumba Antelope Headdress Mask

    Lot: 15

    Kurumba Antelope Headdress Mask, Burkina Faso, with elongated features, polychrome geometric designs, cowrie shell decoration, pigments include indigo blue, ht. 53 in. more ...

  • Bamana Antelope Headdress

    Lot: 16
    Sold for: $2,583$2,100

    Bamana Antelope Headdress, Chiwara, the two-headed form with chip-carved detail, metal eyes on the larger head, and fabric ties, lg. 23 1/2 in. more ...

  • Bamana Antelope Dance Headpiece

    Lot: 17
    Sold for: $615$500

    Bamana Antelope Dance Headpiece, Chiwara, Mali, the stylized form with incised detail, old repairs, brown patina, ht. 27 1/2 in. Provenance: Ladislas Segy Gallery; Skinner, Lot 20, November 12, more ...

  • New Guinea Carved Wood Lime Spatula

    Lot: 18
    Sold for: $923$750

    New Guinea Carved Wood Lime Spatula, Massim area, with an elaborate bilateral figurative and abstract design, some lime remaining in the details, lg. 14 1/2 in. more ...

  • Two New Guinea Carved Bone Daggers

    Lot: 19
    Sold for: $400$325

    Two New Guinea Carved Bone Daggers, Abelam, Maprik, area, both with abstract human design, one with polychrome pigments, lg. to 14 1/4 in. Provenance: Leo and Lillian Fortess collection. more ...

  • Papua New Guinea Bark Belt

    Lot: 20

    Papua New Guinea Bark Belt, carved on the exterior with concentric four-point star design, white pigment, wd. 7 5/8 in. Provenance: Leo and Lillian Fortess collection. more ...

  • New Guinea "Kap Kap" Ornamental Group

    Lot: 21

    New Guinea "Kap Kap" Ornamental Group, Highland area, five graduated shell ornaments on a bamboo frame, with shell-hung cloth and wire ties, feather remnants, lg. 17 in. Provenance: Leo and more ...

  • New Guinea Ceremonial Axe

    Lot: 22

    New Guinea Ceremonial Axe, c. first half 20th century, the large form with wood handle, stone blade, and basketry covering, (some damage), lg. 31 in. Note: Collected during World War II. more ...

  • New Guinea Utilitarian Axe

    Lot: 23
    Sold for: $369$300

    New Guinea Utilitarian Axe, the stone head secured by plant fiber wrapping, wood handle, lg. of handle 20 in. more ...

  • Three New Guinea Shell and Animal Tooth Necklaces

    Lot: 24

    Three New Guinea Shell and Animal Tooth Necklaces, a dog tooth and nassa shell ornament; a fox tooth necklace; and a fighting charm ornament from the Maprik area, all with patina from long use, lg. more ...

  • Three New Guinea Necklaces

    Lot: 25

    Three New Guinea Necklaces, a dog tooth headband from Belek village; a large shell pendant decorated with shell and glass trade dog teeth; and a large shell pendant, all with patina of use, lg. to more ...

  • Three Melanesian Arm Rings

    Lot: 26
    Sold for: $215$175

    Three Melanesian Arm Rings, two carved shell rings from the Solomon Islands, one a currency ring, the other used as a weapon, and a German porcelain trade ring from Bosman village, Lower Ramu Madang more ...

  • Two Ethnographic Necklaces

    Lot: 27
    Sold for: $154$125

    Two Ethnographic Necklaces, c. late 19th century, a multicolored beaded Zulu necklace and a Trobriand Islands necklace with glass beads and Cuscus teeth. Provenance: Zulu: H.G. Beasley, Cranmore more ...

  • Three Solomon Islands Shell "Money" Necklaces

    Lot: 28
    Sold for: $246$200

    Three Solomon Islands Shell "Money" Necklaces, c. 19th century, lg. 22 in. Provenance: Leo and Lillian Fortess collection. more ...

  • Solomon Island Chief's Staff

    Lot: 29
    Sold for: $677$550

    Solomon Island Chief's Staff, carved with a stylized bird and human face at one end, extensive stylized shell inlays, lg. 39 1/2 in. more ...

  • Trobriand Islands Carved Wood Club

    Lot: 30
    Sold for: $277$225

    Trobriand Islands Carved Wood Club, Massim, the blade with stylized geometric designs, the finial in the form of a frigate bird head, lime pigment, lg. 34 3/4 in. Provenance: Muelendisk more ...