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Burns, Robert (1759-1796)

Auction: Books & Manuscripts - 2571B Location: Boston Date / Time: November 13, 2011 11:00AM


Burns, Robert (1759-1796), Autograph letter with poem, signed, 2 July 1787, from Mossgiel, three pages, addressed "Dear Sirs,/the above is the Poem I promised you...", containing the text of a poem titled "A Poet's Welcome to his bastart Wean," 9 1/8 x 7 1/4 in., (silked, folds with separations, address panel patched, and with loss to portion of letter only, and to last three letters of "Burns" in signature, ink bleed and smudging).
Text of poem in full: "A Poet's Welcome to his bastart Wean/Thou'se welcome wean, mishanter fa'me,/If thoughts o'thee, or yet thy mamie,/Shall ever dawntin me or awe me,/My sweet, wee lady,/Or if I blush when thous shall ca'me Tyla or daddie/Though now they ca'me Fornicator,/And tease my name in countra clatter,/The main they talk I'm kend the better./E'en let them clash,/An auld wife's tongue's a feckless matter/To gie ane fash./Welcome, my bonie sweet wee docther/Tho' ye come here a wee unsought for,/And tho' your comin I have fought for,/Baith kirk & quire,/ Yet by my faith ye're no unwrought for/That I shall swear./Sweet fruit o' many a merry dint,/My funny toil is no a' tiht;/Tho ye came to the world asklint/Which fools may scoff at/In my last plack, your part's be in't/The better half o't./Though I should be the wawr bestead,/Thouse be as elegantly clad,/And they young years as nicely bred/Wi' education,/As any brat o'wedlock's bed/In a thy station./Wee image o' my bonie Betty,/As fatherly I kiss and daut thee,/As near and dear my heart I set thee,/Wi' guid will,/As a' the Priests had seen me get thee/That out o' h_ll./Lord grant that thou may ay inhereit/Thy mother's looks and gracefu' merit/And thy poor worthless Daddie's spirit/Without his failing!/Twad those(?) me mair to see thee heir it/Than stockit mailins./For if thou be what I would hae thee,/And tak the counsel I shall gie thee,/I'll never rue my trouble wi' thee,/The cost nor shame o't:/ But be a loving father to thee,/And brag the name o't.

Provenance: Collection of John Gribbel of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Estimate $5,000-7,000


Welcome, Poet, counsel, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, John Gribbel