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Auction: Asian Works Of Art - 2528B Location: Boston Date / Time: December 04, 2010 9:00AM


Handscroll, Zhang Ruocheng (1722-1770), "Le quan jing she tu" (Painting of the Elegant Studio of Lequan), ink on paper, depiction of a contemplative scholar outside his studio in a rustic landscape, with inscriptions by Zhang Taiming, Jiang Pu (1708-1761), Hui Tian, and Jie Fu, four seals. Title page, three seals; preface, calligraphy on silk, dated February of gengchen year (1760), recording the origin of the name of Le quan studio, Zhang Taikai (?-1774), two seals; a separate section of inscriptions in various calligraphic scripts dedicated to the owner of Lequan Studio, from well-known figures in the literati class in mid-Qing, Jiang Hening, Nuo Min, Qin Baili, Bian Jizu, Ji Yun (1724-1805), Shen Shi, Qian Daxin (1728-1804), Zhu Gui, Gu Guangxu (1731-1797), Ji Mengxiong, Weng Fanggang, Qian Dajing, Wang Yongxi, Zhu Yeyuan; a section of inscriptions by Qian Zai, Huang Wuzi (two seals), Huang Sizi (three seals), Huang Liuzi (four seals), Jin Sheng, Liu Quanzhi (1739-1818) (three seals), dated the summer of dingji year (1797), one collector's seal; inscription by po meng ju shi Sun Zutong (1894-1937) (two seals), dated the winter of gengwu year (1930), the scroll remounted by Sun Zutong in the seventh month, autumn of xinwei year (1931), 221 x 12 in.

Provenance: Ex P.Y. Wang Collection.

Estimate $500-700


Elegant Studio of Lequan, Hui Tian, Jiang Pu, Jie Fu, Jiang Hening, Lequan Studio, Qin Baili, Wang Yongxi, Zhu Gui, Zhu Yeyuan, Huang Sizi, Huang Wuzi, Huang Liuzi, Jin Sheng, Y. Wang Collection