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Engineering Forms, Gibson Incorporated, Kalamazoo, c. 1950-70

Auction: Musical Instruments - 2520B Location: Boston Date / Time: October 10, 2010 12:00PM


Engineering Forms, Gibson Incorporated, Kalamazoo, c. 1950-70, includes approximately 36 patterns, form, molds, and dies (various metals) used in the making of headstocks, plates, pickguards, pickup routing, etc., for guitar models including the Hummingbird, Melody melody Maker, Flying V, SG Special, Firebird, Super 400, Les Paul (1959), and ES-335.

Lot also includes over one hundred patterns and samples relating to bridges for archtop guitars and mandolin models c. 1950-70, with instructions and specifications (electronic samples include a P-90 pickup with attached changed orders, floor samples with attached specifications).

"Box 12" is an original Kalamazoo factory workbench drawer and storage bin containing an assortment of samples for bracing and other acoustic guitar parts, many with extensive handwriting and production notes that instituted dimensions, changes, and instructions for machinists in the construction of the Les Paul Signature, ES-175, ES-140, and many others.

Estimate $4,000-6,000

1. Engineering Forms (Photo 1)

These were the exact forms used in the construction of some of history's most collectible guitars at the Gibson plant in Kalamazoo. These were used in the construction of every Les Paul Standard and Custom guitar from 1959, every Super 400, ES-335, SG, Flying V, Firebird, and many others. They present a unique insight to the era of manual precision in the production Gibson's guitars from their most collectible period.


1. Pickguard Pattern for Hummingbird Acoustic c. 1960

2. Banjo Headstock Form for models RB, TB, Bella Voce, Styles 6, 5, 2, 1, Florentine, c. 1960.

3. Firebird Truss Rod Cover, circa 1963.

4. Advanced Jumbo Acoustic, pickguard pattern, c. 1966.

5. Melody Maker Pickguard Pattern, c. 1959

6. Flying V Headstock Pattern, circa 1967.

7. SG Special Pickguard Pattern, c. 1966

8. Flying V Truss Rod Cover Pattern, c. 1967

9. Trini Lopez Custom Headstock Pattern, c. 1964

10. Firebird Reverse Headstock Pattern, circa 1963.

11. J-160E bandsaw pattern, c. 1967

12. Super 400, Headstock Veneer and Inlay Pattern, c. 1963.

13. J-100 Bridge Pattern

14.Barney Kessel Tailpiece Badge Pattern, c. 1965

15. Les Paul Double Humbucker Pin Router Form, c. 1959

16. ES-330 Pickguard Pattern, c. 1968

17. Dove Acoustic Pickguard Pattern, c. 1969

18. L-5 Fingerboard End Profile, c. 1960

19. Epiphone Logo Archtop Headstock Veneer Inlay Form, 1958

20. Gibson Logo Headstock Veneer Inlay Form, ES-335, c. 1960

21. Thunderbird Bass Reverse Headstock Pattern, c. 1963

22. Mastertone Banjo RB250 Headstock Pattern, c. 1960, for bandsaw

23. ES-140 Pickguard Pattern, c. 1957

24. Dove Acoustic, Pickguard Pattern, c. 1965

25. SG Standard Pickguard Pattern, c. 1967

26. Les Paul Custom Triple Humbucker Pin Router Form, c. 1959

27.Mandolin Brace rough bandsaw pattern

28. Mandolin brace finish pattern

29. Thunderbird Bass Headstock form, c. 1965

30. L-6S Neck Profiler, dovetail joint profile

31. Les Paul Pickguard Form, 1968

32. Les Paul Pickguard Form, 1968

33. Harp Guitar Steel Bridge Form, c. 1905

34. Harp Guitar Bridge, Wooden Floor Sample, c. 1905

35. SG Special, Floor Sample Left-hand Pickguard, 1968

36. Metal Banjo Bridge Forms for 4 and 5 string banjos.


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