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Needlework Family Record and Related Coin Silver Spoon

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American Furniture & Decorative Arts - 2482
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November 08, 2009 11:00AM


Needlework Family Record and Related Coin Silver Spoon, "Lucebia Windship's Work," probably Lexington, Massachusetts, c. 1812, worked in silk threads on a linen ground depicting a tree with fruiting leafy branches, the bottom of the tree with two entwined hearts, inscribed with the following statistics: "Daniel Harrington bn. Mh 26 1739" and "Anna Munroe bn. Aug. 13 1740," "Married May 3 1760"; the fruit on the branches are inscribed with the names and birthdates of their eleven children, (minor fading and toning), 20 x 13 1/2 in. housed in the original tiger maple frame with geometric inlaid border; the sampler is accompanied by a coin silver spoon engraved with the initials "DAH," and dated "1760," wt. approx 1 troy oz. The spoon was probably a wedding gift to Daniel and Anna Harrington, who were married May 3, 1760.

Provenance: Family descent through a descendant of Daniel Harrington, John Harrington. John married Marion Cady and the family record devolved through the Cady family to the wife of the present owner.

Literature: The History of Lexington, Genealogies, by Charles Hudson, 1913, p. 279, lists the children of Daniel Harrington (b. 1739) and Anna Munroe (b. 1740), and notes that Daniel was clerk in Captain Parker's company of Minute Men and was on the common on April 19, 1775, in the Revolutionary War and stood on line at Lexington Common to face British troops on route to Concord to seize the cache of arms and weapons stored at Concord. The girl who stitched the family record, Lucebia Windship, may have been the granddaughter of Daniel and Anna Harrington. She is listed on p. 773 as the daughter of Thomas (spelled Winship) and Anna Harrington, one of the daughters of Daniel and Anna Harrington. Lucebia was born May 2, 1794. She married Lot Reed on September 19, 1816 and together they had two children. Lucebia died September 25, 1821.

Estimate $3,000-5,000


Daniel Harrington, Lucebia Windship, Anna Harrington, Lexington, Massachusetts, Anna Munroe bn, John Harrington, Marion Cady, Charles Hudson, Anna Munroe, Parker, clerk, clerk in Captain Parker's company, Lucebia, Thomas, Lot Reed, Lexington, Massachusetts