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Pair of 12-inch Regency Library Globes by Newton

Auction: Clocks, Watches & Scientific Instruments - 2447 Location: Marlborough Date / Time: July 25, 2009 10:00AM


Pair of 12-inch Regency Library Globes by Newton, the terrestrial with circular cartouche (part of text missing) Newton's New and Improved Terrestrial Globe, On Which the Most Recent Discoveries Are Laid Down from the Accurate Observations of Capt. Cook, Vancouver.... & Other Modern Navigators. I. & W. Newton, 97 Chancery Lane, London, 1810, made up of twelve engraved gores on plaster sphere, with continents lightly shaded, countries outlined in faded green, coasts hatched and colored, North America divided into territories and states, Massachusetts Bay colony marked, New England shown as a single region, Louisiana as a territory, the Pacific Coast labeled "New Albion" and California as a peninsula, Indian Villages and Snake Indians labeled in the West and North West, North West Africa labeled Barbary and Zahara or Great Desert, East Africa as Nubia, tracts of Central Asia labeled Mongul's Tartary and Chinese Tartary, Australia as New Holland, and Tazmania as Diemen's Land, oceans marked with the tracks of Cook and other explorers, Sandwich Isles noted as the place "where the celebrated Captain Cook lost his life", Longitude from London marked, Equinoctial calibrated twice 0-180 degrees, Ecliptic by days of the month and Zodiacal sigils, applied Analemma, the Meridian passing through Greenwich; the celestial with cartouche bordered by clouds and putti A New Celestial Globe, On which the Stars are Carefully Laid Down from the Accurate Observations of Mr. Flamstead & Dr. Hadley by Jn. Newton, 1801, made up of twelve engraved and lightly tinted gores laid to the celestial poles of plaster sphere, depicting the constellations as mythical figures, beasts and instruments of science, labeled in Latin, stars shown to the seventh magnitude, the Equinoctial calibrated in degrees 0-360, the Ecliptic in days of the month and Zodiacal sigils, tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and Arctic and Antarctic circles; both with brass polar rings, the celestial with northern ring only (the southern blank) calibrated I-XII-I twice, the celestial with both rings calibrated in this way, paper horizon rings with red-painted rims, illustrating the compass points and Gregorian and Zodiacal calendars, celestial ring with credit Published 1st July 1810 by I. & W. Newton, Chancery Lane, London, on matching baluster-turned mahogany tripod stands with slim tapering legs on acorn feet supporting compasses with 4 1/2 in. dia. engraved paper cards, ht. 34 3/4 in., (paper darkened, losses, flaking and re-tint, cracks on horizon rings, meridian rings re-lacquered, celestial stand refinished and compass glass cracked).
Estimate $5,000-7,000

Terrestrial has newer paper losses on approx. 1 in. lg. of cartouche, eight sections in North America and Canada, one section in South America, sections in Africa and India. There is lifting / flaking section of lost paper in Indian Sea, and older losses that have been tinted and filled along the Equator in the South Atlantic, approx. 4 in. lg. section in the Pacific, and the Eastern Ocean. There are losses (tinted and filled) in rings and two dents around Antarctic., and an area of damage and re-tint under southern polar ring. Meridian ring has been relacquered. There are four cracks and various areas of edge loss in the horizon ring.

Celestial is in better condition overall. Globe has newer losses on the northern celestial pole, and approx. six other scattered newer areas of paper loss, the largest of approx. 1 1/2 in. lg. Older losses and re-tints include cracked area under the southern polar ring, a long strip circling the Antarctic, and unobtrusive areas in one or three of the figures, the largest approx. 2 in. lg. on Cepheus. Horizon ring has five lost segments, the most notable approx. 1 1/2 in. lg., and several smaller chips. Celestial stand has been refinihsed, compass glass is cracked.


Antarctic, London, Chancery Lane, Cook, Vancouver, Pacific Coast, Louisiana, New England, Tartary, Australia, Central Asia, East Africa, Great Desert, Sandwich Isles, Flamstead, Hadley, Cancer, India, South America, Indian Sea, Eastern Ocean, 1 1/2