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Fifty-five Vintage Harley Davidson Motorcycle Photographs

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August 23, 2008 10:00AM


Fifty-five Vintage Harley Davidson Motorcycle Photographs,
gelatin silver prints, mounted to linen, most numbered in plate, images predominantly of delivery motorcycles with sidecars advertising businesses in locations such as Meeker Drug Co., Oakland, California; Tisch Auto Supply Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Miller Mills Inc., Pille Bros. of Denver, Colorado; The Syracuse Herald, Syracuse, New York; Fanny Farmer, Rochester, New York; Hearst and Wilkinson Inc. Davenport, Iowa; Cox and Blackburn, Houston, Texas; Media Drug Stores, Philadelphia, Pa.; Dixie Sales Co., Dayton, Ohio; French Bauer, Cincinnati, Ohio; City Shoe Repair, Augusta, Georgia; Atlanta Blue Print Co., Atlanta, Georgia; Novelty Dye Works and Holeproof Hoisery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Golden State Product, Merchants Special Delivery, Spaulding-Moss Co. Boston, Massachusetts; Wobbers Inc., Howards Radio Shoppe, San Francisco, California; Vanderbilt Pharmacy, Nashville, Tennessee; Chicago Daily News, Chicago, Illinois; Brady Street Basket, Davenport, Iowa; Southern Parts and Bearing Co., Lynchburg, Virginia; Tom Roberts, Hall Cadillac, News and Times, and Scott Battery Co., Denver, Colorado; Home Shoe Repair, Lynchburg, Virginia; Tech Ice Cream Delivery, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; Snappy Service Ice Cream Delivery, Spokane Washington; Clarksburg Telegram Service, Clarksburg, West Virginia; partial listing, fading and some with minor surface wear, approx. 9 7/8 x 7 7/8 in.
Estimate $3,000-5,000


Denver, Colorado, Wisconsin, Milwaukee, The Syracuse Herald, Wilkinson Inc., Harley Davidson Motorcycle Photographs, sidecars advertising businesses, Tisch Auto Supply Co., Wilkinson Inc, Meeker Drug Co., Miller Mills Inc., Pille Bros., Oakland, Rochester, Syracuse, Fanny Farmer, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Davenport, Ohio, Massachusetts, Radio Shoppe, Dayton, Houston, Atlanta, Augusta, Cincinnati, Atlanta Blue Print Co., Philadelphia, Nashville, Cox, Dixie Sales Co., Wobbers Inc., Spaulding-Moss Co., Vanderbilt Pharmacy, Hall Cadillac, Chicago, Lynchburg, Virginia, Tennessee, Chicago Daily News, Clarksburg, Pittsburg, Bearing Co., Clarksburg Telegram Service, Tom Roberts, Scott Battery Co., United States