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Washington, George (1732-1799)

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Washington, George (1732-1799), Autograph Letter Signed, August 19th, 1796, two pages, to Mr. (William) Pearce, his superintendent at Mount Vernon, concerning the possible defection of his employee to another farm and inquiring about replacements, (silked). Text in full: Baltimore, 19th Aug. 1796 /' Mr. Pearce / At this place I have seen Mr. Thos. Ringgold, who is very desirous of availing himself of your testimony in his pending suit. I have told him, that my consent to this measure has been freely given and it depended entirely upon yourself, and the state of your health, whether you attended or not. / Mentioning to him the probability of your quitting the Superintendence of my business, he said it was reported, that a person of the name of Carron, who manages for Sam'l Chew, was about to leave that employ and that in his opinion, he was most excellently qualified for such a trust as mine. / You know that it is not my inclination to part with you; but if you are decided on doing it, it will be better for you and me if I can get a suitable person for a successor, that it should take place at the usual time (the first part of Jan 7) than in March or April; when it is not probable, I should be able to find a competent character unengaged to Superintend. my concerns for the remainder of that year. / From these considerations, and understanding further, from Wm. Ringgold that you are not acquainted with the person and character of Mr. Carron, I am lead to request, if you should go to the Eastern Shore whether he means to quit Mr. Chew's service or not - and if he does and you (who know the nature of my concern so well) should be dearly of opinion that he is competent to the judicious management of them, that you would know whether he would undertake the trust, and on what terms; - for I never gave more than a hundred pounds Virg'a currency to any, except yourself - nor do I think I shall ever do it again to any one, whose character in this line, is not perfectly established. / It is not my wish to entice Mr. Cannon (however deserving he may be) from Mr. Chew but if he has thoughts of leaving that gentleman, I may as well apply to him if you do not continue another year as any one else - and it is necessary for me to hear from you as soon as possible on this subject; as some persons have, and others may, offer as Managers. / If you have not engaged Violet and Cash, fail not to use your utmost exertions to supply their places, especially from the best farming parts of the Eastern Sore, if it can be accomplished. A letter written from you to me, written from you to me, written on the Eastern Shore will certainly get to my hand, if it is put into the line of any Post Rider. I wish you well and am Your friend G. Washington.
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Pearce, Sam'l Chew, superintendent , Mount Vernon, Chew, Carron, Cannon, Post Rider