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Kyle Johnson

Specialist, Discovery auctions

Kyle Johnson

Specialist, Discovery auctions

Skinner Inc.






Kyle Johnson joined the Discovery department in 2013 after working in Woodbury, Connecticut for two years as an Associate Catalog Specialist at Woodbury Auction. He began his career operating his own antique firm, K.R. Johnson Americana, which specialized in early American and English decorative arts and furniture. Kyle earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in History with a minor in Russian Studies from Muhlenberg College.

Kyle’s experiences in auctions and business gave him an entrepreneurial sense as well as an admiration for great design, spanning many genres. Kyle enjoys working in close proximity with antique dealers, auctioneers, and experts. As he has honed his appreciation for aesthetic merit, craftsmanship, and proportion, his love for Americana has grown.

From early Lincoln campaign badges and country furniture to coins and Art Nouveau design, Kyle enjoys the opportunity to discover new and unfamiliar objects that populate the shelves of the Skinner Discovery department. He is particularly interested in New England high-style furniture with an emphasis on Chapin and Lombard pieces.