Fine Wines

Driven by the experience embodied in each sip of a fine wine, the Fine Wines department brings a sophisticated palate and years of experience to bear in every appraisal and auction.





Appraisal and Auction Services

Skinner is the only major auction house in New England to offer fine wines and spirits at auction. The Quarterly Review of Wines (QRW) rated Skinner as “one of the most professional wine auctions in the country, attracting serious buyers from across the globe.” Skinner hosts its wine auctions twice annually in conjunction with our retail partner, Lower Falls Wine Company, and routinely achieves highly competitive prices. In 2012, Skinner became the first brick & mortar auction house to offer craft beer at auction.

Fine Wine Appraisal and Consignment

Reinvent your cellar by cultivated deaccession and equally strategic buying through auction – a balance of both is best to reflect your evolving palate and investment strategy. Expert wine appraisers are available to take a look at your wines, or even a walk through your cellar with you and offer honest expectations of value.

The expertise of Skinner specialists, backed by thoughtful marketing, ensures that your wine will reach a passionate, international audience of buyers. Learn about selling at Skinner.

Buying Fine Wine at Auction

Whether you’re a connoisseur of wine or just beginning on your journey of discovery, you’ll find the selection on offer at every Skinner wine auction a temptation not to be ignored. From Bordeaux to Napa Valley, Piedmont  to Burgundy, bottles for drinking or wines for investment, and from mature vintages to young wines, Skinner Fine Wine auctions offer something for every palate.

A purchase of fine wine or spirits at Skinner means respected provenance, a fair price, and gracious service. Learn about buying at Skinner.

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