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Horst Kloss

Specialist, Fine Musical Instruments

Horst Kloss

Specialist, Fine Musical Instruments

Skinner Inc.






Horst Kloss joined Skinner as a specialist in the Fine Musical Instruments department in 2013. A Mittenwald-trained Master Violin Maker, Mr. Kloss has worked with fine stringed instruments and bows for over four decades, primarily through The Kloss Shop in Needham, Massachusetts. He is widely regarded for his authentication and appraisal services, as well as acoustical adjustment skills which balance individual musician requirements with museum conservation-level standards.

Mr. Kloss has cared for noteworthy collections, including the Boston Museum of Fine Art’s historic stringed instruments. He is one of fewer than 100 makers whose training and skills qualified him for full membership status in the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers. In addition, Mr. Kloss has authenticated and appraised many fine and rare stringed instruments and bows including those of Amati, Stradivarius, Guarneri del Gesù, Tourte, Peccatte, and others.

Mr. Kloss earned his Journeyman’s diploma in 1964 and his Master’s degree in 1972 at the Bavarian State School of Violin Making in Southern Germany under the tutelage of Joseph Kantuscher.